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The GMM strives to present the struggles of war from all sides, with a focused approach to: collecting, archiving, preserving and presenting artefacts; collecting and maintaining a library of audio/visual/printed interviews with those affected by war, particularly veterans; and educating the community as to the tragedy of war and the necessity of making every effort to prevent armed conflict.

Founders of the Museum

Sam Doggart & Phil Craig

WWII veteran, Irish Regiment of Canada (interview)

Board of Directors:

Sid Giddings


Martin Connell

Vice President

Ron Serkes

Vice President

Diane Doggart


Mark Lowson


Bill Rouse

Board Member

Ian Johns

Board Member

Rick Carter

Board Member

Bruce Whittaker

Museum Curator


    Bruce Savage

    David Arnett

    Geoff Priebe

    Henk Verstege

    Jeff Brown

    Lois White

    Phil Craig

    Steve Clark

    Tom Lindale

    Wayne King

    Claudine Johns

    Kim Goinarov

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