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The Georgina Military Museum always welcomes donations of various kinds. Items of interest include uniforms, medals, maps, dairies and log books, regimental photographs, and so forth.

Most importantly, however, we enjoy receiving the story that goes with the artefacts. The more information you can give us about the soldier to whom the items belonged, the more we can attach a personal story that will touch our visitors.

An important note ... some donors return soon after making a donation hoping to see their items on exhibit. This is simply not possible. Exhibits take considerable time to create and build and are not easily modified. For this reason it is essential to know in advance that most donated items do not go immediately on exhibit, rather they are curated and become part of our permanent collection. At some point in the future, when new exhibits are created, your donated items may find their way onto display. Nonetheless, your donations are greatly appreciated, are properly preserved, and help to form the foundation for the stories we tell.

We respectfully discourage the donation of items which would be considered memorabilia in nature as such items often do not qualify for preservation.

A special word about firearms. All firearms at the GMM are decommissioned, which is to say, they are no longer firearms but only hunks of wood and metal. If you wish to donate an item of this nature, such as an old rifle for example, you will need to undertake yourself to have the item decommissioned, and certified as such by an Armour. Only then should you bring the artefact to the museum, with the proper paperwork, at which point we would be delighted to acquire the item from you along with as much history about the artefact as you can give us.

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